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Product - 3G Camera simHERO

Help topics & solutions

Practical instructions and tips

Should the Error 500 (Sending error 500), then there is a problem with the freeeway SIM card/simHERO. In this case, please contact the SIM card operator.

Card operator: freeeway GmbH (formerly Mavoco AG)
via help@simhero.com or on www.simhero.com

Repair cases

We pay attention to the highest quality in our products. Unfortunately, however, there are situations in which a repair is unavoidable. In this case, please return the camera to us. After receiving the camera, our specialist staff will check whether the camera is repairable or needs to be replaced.

My screen does not work 

My camera does not turn on

Firmware updates

If an update of the firmware is necessary, you will find all the information here.


Here you will find all the necessary certificates for your product.