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Getting Started & Adding a Camera

Step 1: Download app or open website

Step 2: Create a free icuserver account

Step 3: The InitKey - the unique number of your camera

Step 4: Add the camera to your account

Step 5: Complete the setup on the camera

Registration icucloud

Step 1:
Download app or open website

Download the latest version of the app from the App Store / Google Play Store and log in with your account.

If you do not yet have an icu account, register for free.

icuserver web portal

Click on the link and log in with your registered e-mail address in the newly opened window.


Smartphone App

Select the appropriate link for your smartphone on your phone:

Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Step 2:
Register your icuserver account for free

We have created a video tutorial for you to guide you through the registration process for.

Video - How to register & sign up for a free icu account with the icuapp

Step 3:
The InitKey - The unique number of your camera

Until autumn 2020, a sticker with the 12-digit number (init key) was on the camera. With the newer products, the code is stored in the camera. Please switch the camera to Setup and wait up to 3 minutes until a QR code and below it the 12-digit Init Key (=ID) appear. 

Camera with sticker
Camera with sticker

For the models icuhunt, icutrap and icucam4 (until autumn 2020) you will find the 12-digit number (INIT key) on a sticker on the inside of the camera.

Camera with QR code
Camera with QR code

For the models icucam lite, icucam4 (from autumn 2020), icueasy and icucam5 a QR code and the 12-digit number (INIT key) are shown on the camera display after switching on.


Step 4:
Add the camera to your account:

Registering the camera - InitKey
icuserver web portal
  • Navigate to Cameras and click on "Add another camera".
  • Enter the 12-digit init key to connect your camera to the account


Smartphone App
  • In the menu, select the menu item "Cameras
  • Click on the plus in the bottom right corner
  • Scan the QR code on the camera display or enter the init key

Step 5:
Completing the setup on the camera

Slide the switch on the camera to SETUP and wait up to 3 minutes without pressing a button. With the message "Status OK" or "Status message successful"the registration of the camera is done.

Registration - setup, connection and ready

By pressing the right arrow key, you can take a test photo on most camera models.

For the 3G cameras, the "OK" button must be pressed.

Your camera is now ready for use! We wish you much joy with it!