Please note that a firmware update is always a sensitive matter. Very important is:


Current firmware:   Download   (.zip file)

It's that simple:

Copy both files to the SD card

(one file shows 0 KB, this is not a problem for the process).
    a. Insert the SD card into the PC for this purpose 
        or connect PC with enclosed USB cable

 The date of the respective firmware version can be seen: yy ... year; mm ... month; dd ... day

Firmware update

    a. SD card in the camera

    b. Press and hold the up arrow key "▲".

    c. Switch to SETUP push

    d. Still hold down the arrow key "▲".

    e. When "Firmware update" appears, release the arrow key "▲".

    f. Wait (approx. 10-20s ) until "Firmware update" disappears from the screen.

   g. Switch off afterwards

   h. Switch to SETUP push

    i. Restore factory settings -> Camera menu "Settings".

NEVER switch off the camera during the update.

Version history

Version 2021 05 20:
Bugfixes: Photo&Video, automatic shutdown when batteries are empty, button operation in setup mode, preparation "photo request", reduction of energy consumption, improvement of network connection, energy display 18650 batteries,

Version 2020 06 29:
Bugfixes: Creation of the InitKey as Qr-Code

Version 2020 07 13
Bugfix: Menu description

Version 2020 09 10
Bugfix: Improvements in communication

Version 2020 09 11
Bugfix: Umlauts

Version 2020 11 16
Improvement SD card read/write
Status update now takes place between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m.
(previous versions between 15:00 and 16:00)
Status Update Bugfix Camera Mode

Version 2020 12 01
Improvement of the language display 

Version 2021 01 29
Stabilisation of the status update

Version 2021 03 30
Bugfix login and registration

Version 2021 05 11
Bugfix green pixelated images