The camera is protected against splash water. Nevertheless, problems with water and dew may occur.

Glass pane in front of the lens is fogged up.


This is a normal phenomenon with relatively rapid temperature change.


This can also happen, but is relatively rare and often has to do with the camera having been open for a long time in humid air (e.g. if the device was transported open into the forest or remained open for a long time).
Moist air can get through the slots of the SIM card or the SD card.
Please make sure that the seal on the antenna thread is still in place.

Are the seals on the battery housing OK?


Leave the camera open for 48 hours to dry. If drying does not remedy the problem, please inform us via the support form (see below).

The screen is wet

If this problem occurs, the protective film with the black border is leaking. The camera must be sent to us for inspection.

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