PREMIUM customers can change many camera settings remotely via the APP or web application in the item "Cameras" - "Control" - "Camera".  

Control camera via app

With a Premium Status, you can control the camera remotely.
An SMS is sent in the background with this function.

So depending on how you have set the menu function "SMS remote control", the command acceptance also takes place. OFF: The camera cannot receive SMS. Always active: SMS commands are received immediately

3H/6H/12H: The camera dials into the mobile network every 3/6/12 hours to receive sent commands.

Sending is only possible for PREMIUM. "Always active" generates a high power consumption because the camera is continuously online. (can only be used sensibly with the mains adapter).

Premium interface for 3G cameras

PREMIUM customers can use our intelligent software for automatic pre-selection of the images received (image recognition) and are thus only alerted to those images that correspond to the desired category (person, car, deer, wild boar, ...). The image recognition recognises images of the selectable categories with a high probability. 

The filter functions are also expanded. Filter images

The selectable categories of image recognition are determined by icuserver GmbH is constantly being expanded.

You can find this in the menu item "Notifications

Another feature is the "time control":

!!! Please note here: Settings via the app or webpage change the setup on the camera. If you change the camera settings on the camera itself, these are not updated in the APP or web application for technical reasons.